The idea to establish Hüma Schools has been created so as to improve education in a domestic and national way with a brand new perspective by being aware of universal values. Hüma, also called as bird of paradise mostly, is the name given to the bird flying very high constantly and invisibly without resting and never touching the ground.

Since it is believed to bring happiness to the one on whose head it perches, it is also called as windfall or godsend. As we consider its meaning to reflect our educational manner, we set out as Hüma Schools.

Children who will start life as our students should be self-aware, self-confident, lifelong contented, successful and fair individuals of world when they reach to the end of their education on nursery, primary, secondary and high school levels.

Their occupational and cultural lives will be shaped in this atmosphere. They will be citizens of world by being adult humans who interiorize values of their own country and who are grown up with an international vision.

Our target is to raise the power of human who is dependable, socialized, creative, at peace with himself, integrated with world, leader, pioneer and administrator, and who can make his case safely, perform team work, manage his team and have improved adaptation skills.

We raise our children in accordance with the age they will live in, not the age we live in.