Guidance Service

Listen or your tongue makes you deaf. Face it or your heart makes you slave. Understand or your mind makes you mad.        Indian Proverb

The auctioneer smiled at the battered, scratched violin and shouted:

‘How much does this cost, fellows?’ ‘Who’s going to start the auction?’ ‘100 liras, 100 liras’ and then ‘200 liras’. ‘Only 200 liras?’

200 liras, 200 liras…

‘Who’s going to bid up to 300 liras? Is there any enhancer? Yes, 300 liras, 300 liras, selling for 300 liras.’ A grey haired man came forward from the back rows and took the old violin, cleaned the dust on it, tuned it by tightening up loose strings and played a nice melody. The music stopped and the auctioneer said with a low voice: ‘What do you offer for the violin?’ and raised it up in the air enthusiastically.

‘100.000liras. Who’s going to give 200.000 liras?’

‘200.000 liras.’

‘Yes, 300.000…Selling, selling, sold!’

But some were asking: ‘What happened and the value changed? We didn’t understand!’

The answer came right away: ‘A master just touched it!’

Each individual is the master of his own life. The most crucial principle of Hüma Schools is to contribute to every student to become a life master who makes out his life more meaningfully.

Our individual guidance studies:

  • We aim to make our students use their perception and knowledge capacities at the highest level and to increase their awareness for life.
  • Every individual has different problems, characters and views. We offer different solutions to every problem.
  • We work process based rather than result based while evaluating students.
  • We evaluate all given tests (attention, reaction, perspective analysis, color, anxiety) with each student separately.
  • We don’t offer package programs but teach them strategic studying methods.
  • We act as energy planning guides instead of giving advice.
  • We approach student problems with an integrated evaluation perspective.
  • We evaluate exam results as learning based rather than correct answer based.
  • We demonstrate students how to manage and solve problems.
  • We teach them coordinates on how to include their theoretical knowledge into life cycle.
  • We desire to increase students’ social adaptation power and their success.

Our group guidance studies:

  • We perform co operational studies within the frame of consultational solution partnerships.
  • We teach ways to gain strategic study habits both individually and in groups.
  • We explain the principles of evaluating exam results and follow the applications.
  • We mutually decide on and apply standard ways of being successful with students.
  • We solve variances in sociometric applications within the group dynamics.
  • We organize family seminars and contribute to parents to become strong support units.
  • We offer behavioral, emotional, social and academic development periods (anger control, technology addiction, career planning etc) as a group activity.

Our preventive and directive guidance studies:

  • We record all the data about the student in his follow-up file.
  • We follow the whole development period of the student in detail.
  • We act together with advisory teachers and other branch teachers.
  • We actively carry out peer counseling.
  • We behave in compliance with the principle ‘Every individual is special’ and detect ways of solution.
  • We desire to detect and develop the interests and abilities of students and we evaluate characters and abilities together in career planning.
  • We control personal problems (loss of a close relative, behavioral variances, a disturbance, sudden changes in behavior, split-up parents etc) without skipping.
  • We teach them how wrong calls right and consequences of wrong by degrading it to life.
  • Knowing the right is not sufficient. What matters is to do the right.
  • We want our students to resist against problem solving and learning rather than not studying.

Şemsettin TÜZEL

Coordinator of Psychological

Counseling and Guidance